If you are unable to make it for the scheduled lessons, DON’T WORRY!
Look for 3 friends to sign up with you and we’ll be glad to open up a new class for you and your friends!

(Subject to availability of tutor and classrooms at our tuition centre)

LevelSubjectLocationDate & TimeTutorAvailability
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishKembanganSun, 1-3pmAvailable
IP 4MathematicsMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 2Language Arts/EnglishMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 2MathematicsMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 3Language Arts/EnglishMarymountWed, 7-9pmAvailable
IP 3MathematicsKembanganThu, 7.15-9.15pmMr GnanAvailable
IP 3ChemistryMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 4MathematicsKembanganThu, 5-7pmMr GnanAvailable
IP 4ChemistryMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 4PhysicsMarymountTBAAvailable
IP 4BiologyMarymountTBAMarymount