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Attending IP Math tuition has traditionally formed a substantial part of the education of young IP students in Singapore throughout their schooldays. Its value for further and higher education, and as a component of general education has been recognised by the community at large.

Mathematics is a wide-ranging subject with many aspects. One hand, in its manifestations in terms of counting, measurements, patterns and geometry it permeates the natural and constructed world around us and provides the basics language and techniques for handling many aspects of everyday life. On the other hand, it deals with abstractions, logical arguments, and fundamental ideas of truth and beauty, and so is an intellectual discipline and a source of aesthetic satisfaction. These features have caused it to be given names such as “the queen and the servant of the sciences”. Its role in education reflects this dual nature; it is both practical and theoretical – geared to applications and of intrinsic interest -with the two elements firmly interlinked.




  • The most important feature of any tuition centre is its teaching staff. The students at our centre are particularly fortunate to be taught by one of four well-qualified and highly experienced current IP/JC teachers with proven examination success.
  • Our teachers are available before and after lessons to assist students with their regular homework problems or with any other issues.
  • All lessons are taught in a well-equipped classroom, allowing teachers to integrate aids like audio-visual software and mathematical games into their lessons to enhance their understanding of difficult concepts.


Pedagogical tools

At Learners’ Lodge, lessons are designed such that all varieties of questions in each topic will be covered extensively. This will help ensure that students have the greatest exposure to different kinds of questions and the various strategies to be employed in answering them, as suited to each topic. Big problematic chapters are broken down into easy to understand sections with specialised strategies devised to tackle the questions. Summarised revision notes are provided for each topic which will help students recap and understand the key points in every chapter.

Common misconceptions and errors will be discussed and elaborated in the lessons, with actual feedback from Cambridge used to teach students what to look out for and why they are erroneous. This is achieved in part through specially designed sessions where students are trained to look out for likely mistakes made in examinations and how to rectify them. Making errors in mathematics papers is common to everyone, but being able to recognise an error made and correcting it during the examinations makes the difference between scoring an A and B.

Our programme also allows students to connect all the topics covered in the IP Mathematics tuition syllabus together. Students can better appreciate and apply the concepts learned in one topic to another when they see how they are all linked and not view each topic as a separate entity. In the course of our programme, we employ the use of games to make learning Mathematics interactive and also train students to think on their feet, adding a multimedia element to enhance the learning experience.


The Course

Key areas of study covered in our IP Math tuition; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Sequence & Series, Function & Calculus, Discrete Mathematics & Statistics.

At Learners’ Lodge, we help students to develop a thorough understanding of important mathematical concepts and practical skills and use them to solve a wide range of problems. Through this approach, we hope to develop their interest in Maths and also to lay a strong foundation within the child which will be essential if the child were to pursue H2 Maths at the A-Levels.


LevelSubjectLocationDate & TimeTutorAvailability
IP 3A-MathMarymountSat, 02:00-04:00pmMr Allen TanAvailable
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishMarymountSat, 09:00-11:00amMs June FooAvailable
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishJurongSat, 04:15-06:15pmMs June FooAvailable
IP 3ChemistryKembanganWed, 06:15-08:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailable

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