IP Physics


We are all born with an urge to understand the world around us. This leads us to ask questions. how does the sun keep on shining? How do lasers and compact discs work? If you find that the more answers you discover, the more questions you want to ask, then Physics is for  you. Physics satisfies this curiosity with knowledge. Physics also shows how major scientific ideas contribute to technological change, impacting on industry, business and medicine and improving quality of life. Physics provides explanations for how things happen.



Year 3 & 4 IP (Sec 3 & 4 equivalent) Physics are crucial years in building the interest and foundation of students in preparation for H2 physics. Through this period, students are required to investigate natural phenomenaunderstand the principlestheories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe and finally apply patterns and models (including mathematical ones) to new situations.

At the IP level, students find that they are taught a greater breadth and depth of the content and are often faced with mathematically demanding questions that challenge them beyond the O level syllabus. This is advantageous as it gives the students earlier exposure to A-level content, but on the other hand, it can be counterproductive when students have less time to fully appreciate the physics behind the mathematics or when students find that they are not taught the skills to handle the unorthodox questions set by the schools. This leads to the student not liking the subject, which consequently leads to poorer performance.

At Learners’ Lodge, our approach is to help our students first comprehend and appreciate the concepts. This is in part achieved through our specially developed notes that not only highlights the key concepts but also take various tangents to discuss the application of physics to real-world scenarios and other disciplines. In addition, our teachers are well trained and have the passion and dedication to bring the subject alive and encourage curiosity.

Once comprehension is achieved, computation will be with understanding rather than just an exercise of plugging numbers into formulae that seems to fit. In addition, our IP Physics Tuition teachers have years of experience teaching the subject which will allow them to know exactly where the common misconceptions and errors are. They will also impart to the students question answering techniques that will help them gain confidence in school examinations.

By the end of the two years, while our primary concern is to help our students perform to the best of their ability in the examinations, our program also aims to develop in our students’ keen interest and a greater appreciation of the natural phenomenon, as well as various technologies in their day to day encounters. The analytical skills that they have learnt will also benefit them tremendously in future, whether or not they decide to pursue physics at the A levels.


LevelSubjectLocationDate & TimeTutorAvailability
IP 3A-MathMarymountSat, 02:00-04:00pmMr Allen TanAvailable
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishMarymountSat, 09:00-11:00amMs June FooAvailable
IP 4Language Arts/EnglishJurongSat, 04:15-06:15pmMs June FooAvailable
IP 3ChemistryKembanganWed, 06:15-08:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailable

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