The Learners’ Lodge Integrated Programme (IP) tuition

Our Integrated Programme (IP) tuition classes are specially created to cater to the tuition needs of students enrolled in IP schools. Because of the nature of the IP programme that does not involve students taking the ‘O’ level examination, the instructional programme in IP schools differ significantly from that in standard secondary schools. Our IP tuition classes are exclusively for these students who are currently enrolled in IP schools and are therefore designed to suit their needs exactly.

The IP tutors at Learners’ Lodge teaching the IP classes are a select group of teachers who not only have valuable experience teaching IP students, but they are also teachers who have a wealth of experience teaching students at the ‘A’ level, most having taught for years in top JCs for a number of years. This is important particularly for IP students as they ultimately sit for the GCE ‘A’ level examination at the end of the IP course. Having teachers that possess both sets of experience is thus crucial for the effective preparation of our students.

At present, Learners’ Lodge offers IP tuition classes for the following subjects:

  • IP English / Language Art(IP 1-4)
  • IP Mathematics (IP 1-4)
  • IP Chemistry (IP 3-4)
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Class Schedule

IP 1

Level Subject Time Availability
IP 1 Language Arts/ English Sat 12-2pm Available
IP 1 Mathematics Sat 9-11am Available
IP 2

Level Subject Time Availability
IP 2 Language Arts/ English Sat 2.15-4.15pm Available
IP 2 Mathematics Sat 11:15-1:15pm Available
[/fusion_separator] IP 3

Level Subject Time Availability
IP 3 Language Arts/ English Sat 2.15-4.15pm Available
IP 3 Mathematics Sat 4:30-6:30pm Available
IP 3 Chemistry Mon 7-9pm Available
[/fusion_separator] IP 4

Level Subject Time Availability
IP 4 Language Arts/ English Sat 4:30-6:30pm Available
IP 4 Mathematics Sat 2:15-4:15pm Available
IP 4 Chemistry Thu 7-9pm Available

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