Mukti Chugani

Mukti ChuganiMs. Mukti graduated from King’s College London, UOL with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors)
majoring in English and English Literature. She obtained her Post-Graduate Diploma in
Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), specializing in English for
Secondary and Junior College.

Ms. Mukti has taught at both local MOE schools and International schools. She has taught
both O – level English and English Literature as well as A-level General Paper. Ms.
Mukti’s background from working in different educational settings both locally and abroad
have allowed her to be flexible in her teaching approaches. She is able to draw upon a
range of teaching strategies and adopt specific teaching methods to instill in students a love
for reading, writing, and learning.

She firmly believes that learning must be enjoyable and each class that she teaches is a
combination of humor, creativity and differentiation. Ms. Mukti puts an emphasis on creative
thinking skills so her students have ‘an edge’ and are equipped with the knowledge to
handle the O-Level paper and beyond!


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