IP 2 tuition conducted by ex-RJC teacher at AMK.

Programme Outline

This IP2 tuition programme is suitable for students looking to improve their language skills and build the foundation towards GP for the A-Level.

Enrolment for IP Programme

Classes accepting enrolment now. IP Programme students in Singapore kindly enquire at 91199655.

Learners’ Lodge Learning Centre offers a 4-year Language Art tuition programme (Year 1 to Year 4) for students on the Integrated Programme (IP). The IP Language Art programme aims to equip students with foundation and knowledge to prepare them for A-Level GP. The programme will be taught by our Ex-RJC teacher, who has more than ten years of teaching experience at some of the top IP schools in Singapore.


  • The most important feature of any tuition centre is its teaching staff. The Language Arts students at our centre are particularly fortunate to be taught by well-qualified and highly experienced teachers who are available before and after lessons to assist students with their regular homework problems or with any other issues.with proven examination success.
  • All lessons are taught in well-equipped classroom , allowing teachers to integrate aids like audio-visual software and documentaries into their lessons to enhance their understanding of geo-political and social-economics issues.
  • Most importantly, we see each of our centres as a lyceum, that is, a place where students from different educational institutions are able to meet in order to engage in dialogue, and a place where the cross-fertilisation of ideas may take place.
Language Arts